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PE Steel Sheet

PE Coated Steel Sheet

Description of PE Steel Sheet:
This PE steel sheet is a kind of common construction materials widely used in the places where the air pollution is not very serious, and it can be used as steel-structure plant roofs, exterior walls,  and interior partition walls.
It has good corrosion resistance and superior processing properties, and its corrosion prevention life can be as long as 7 to 8 years. The PE ensures its good adhesion capacity.

Changzhou Changsong Metal Composite Material Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of PE steel sheet in China. Besides PE steel sheet, we still provide LED TV coated sheet, DVD set top box sheet, wooden color, hot dip Al-Zn alloy, PPGI roofing sheet, SMP, decorative, energy efficient coated sheet, to name a few. We have built up cooperative relationships with many famous international companies, like Nippon of Japan, KCC of Korea, Valspar of U.S. and such. If you need PE steel sheet, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Quality Index of PE Steel Sheet:
Item Technical Specification
COATING PE Epoxy-polyurethane Epoxy
Thickness of dry film ,um 15-20 5 5-10
Adhesion(cross-cut test) 100/100    
60°Gloss 20-90   20-60
Film color and appearance △E≤0.5   △E≤1
MEK ≥100   ≥50
Pencil hardness ≥4H   ≥2H
Impact-resistance ≥9J ≥6J ≥9J
BEND TEST ≤0--1T   ≤4T
Cupping ≥ 8 mm    
content(like Pb, Cr) None None None
Salt fog-resistance 500Hr ≤3mm.(corrosion out of tine)
Accelerated weather UVA,1000h ≤2 grade (Color and gloss)
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