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Solar Heater Coated Sheet

Solar Heater Coated Sheet

This kind of solar heater coated sheet is specially designed to act as the surface and side panels of outdoor solar water heaters, indoor electric water heaters, and ordinary gas water heaters.

Galvanized steel sheet and AL-Zn alloy coated sheet have been used as its base panels. And its coating can be color polyester, modified silicon, strongly weather-resistant or PVDF fluorocarbon coating.

It features strong processability, corrosion resistance, and elegant appearance. And when compared with ordinary paint, general color coating and building color coating, our solar heater coated sheet is much better in the surfaces, corrosion resistance, humidity(moisture) resistance, and color stability. 

Technical Parameters:
Thickness(mm): 0.3-0.35
Width(mm): 900 -1250
Zinc-layer thickness(g/m2): 50 - 150
Color: Pearl white \ pearl silver\ flash golden\flash gold silver
Coating types: Polyester\modified silicon\ highly weather-resistant fluorocarbon
Coating brands: Nippon of Japan\KCC of Korea\Valspar of U.S.

Detection Indicators:
Detecting items Normal standards Our standards
Film coating 18um >20um
Pencil hardness 2H >3T
Reverse impact 6-8 J 9 J
Gloss range 40-70° 20-90°
Performance of salt spray 500h 800h
Drug resistance testing 50times >70times

Changzhou Changsong Metal Composite Material Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of solar heater coated sheet in China. Besides solar heater coated sheet, we still provide hot dip galvanized steel sheet (galvanized steel coil), air conditioner coated sheet, refrigeration storage coated sheet, etc. We have built up cooperative relationships with many famous international companies, like Nippon of Japan, KCC of Korea, Valspar of U.S. and such. If you need solar heater coated sheet, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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