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PVDF Coated Steel Sheet (Polyvinylidene Fluoride Coated Sheet)

Self-Cleaning Coated Steel SheetSheet)

Description of PVDF Coated Steel Sheet (Polyvinylidene Fluoride Coated Sheet):
PVDF is abbreviation for polyvinylidene fluoride.
This kind of PVDF coated steel sheet (polyvinylidene fluoride coated sheet) is mainly used in the construction of buildings, villas, power plant and stadium. And it can also be used in highly corrosive environments. Normally, its corrosion prevention life can be as long as 20 to 25 years. Besides, this kind of steel sheet can be widely used in areas that are highly polluted or highly corrosive, or have strong ultraviolet radiation, or are maritime climate.
Its fluorocarbon coating is the inorganic ceramic pigment. This kind of pigment has high weatherability, and is resistant to acid, alkali, and ultraviolet light. The coating can stay in good state for more than20 years without coating shedding, while the silicon modified polyester coating can stay for about 6 years and the ordinary polyester about 3 years, and its pulverization degree within 20 years is less than 8 level of ASTM D 659 standard.

Liscensing System of Resin Suppliers:

In order to ensure the high qualtiy of fluorocarbon coating, Atofina Company and Solvay Company only issue related use certificates and give the Kynar 500®与Hylar5000 to coating companies, and the flurocarbon resin content in the coatings of these companies should be more than 70%.

Performance Demonstration of PVDF Coated Steel Sheet (Polyvinylidene Fluoride Coated Sheet):
The maximum DE of color difference within 20 years is 5 Hunter:
The pulverization (powdering) degree is smaller than minimum specification prescribed by ASTM.

The above picture is the exposure field in Miami of Florida in United States, and the field is famous for its harsh exposure environment. Each year, there will be more than 300 days of strong sunlight and high humidity. So the exposure results of Florida have been regarded as the most convincing data for judging the weather resistance of coatings.

Well-known Cases of PVDF Coated Steel Sheet:
Weatherability Comparison between PVDF Steel Sheet and Other Coating Panels:

1. A Japan Steel Plant: After 14 years, the coatings of other kinds of coating panels have obviously pulverization phenomenon, but the fluorocarbon coating of our PVDF is still in good state.

2. An Acid Washing Workshop in Zhejiang Province of China: this workshop has utilized the PVDF steel sheet with fluorocarbon coating as its roofs and the polyester color board as its walls.
Under the same acid corrosion conditions, the fluorocarbon coating has no powdering or corrosion phenomenon, while the polyester panels have been significantly rusted and pulverized.

Pulverized polyester color board: Fluorocarbon color panel:

3. Shanghai Bulter Factory: The two factory buildings of Shanghai Bulter Factory have utilized the same white fluorocarbon color panels. The old factory was built 4 years earlier than the new one, but the appearances of the two factories look almost the same.

4. America Ginna Nuclear Power Plant: this plant was founded in 1967, but the appearance of its factory still looks the same as before.

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