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Self-Cleaning Coated Steel SheetSheet)

Self-Cleaning Coated Steel Sheet

Description of Self-Cleaning Coated Steel Sheet:
This self cleaning coated steel sheet is developed on the principles of anti-dirty and self-cleaning of lotus leaf surface, so this kind of sheet is capable of self-cleaning.

The surface curing density of this kind of sheet has been improved to avoid pollution. And its surface hydrophilicity enables it have self-cleaning capacity. Changes in colors and gloss, caused by pollution, will not happen to this type of self-cleaning steel sheet.

Special nanostructure has given lotus leaves outstanding anti-dirty and self-cleaning abilities, and the two abilities have been utilized in this kind of self-cleaning steel sheet.

Lotus Leaf Effect
The surfaces of lotus leaves have magic functions of anti-dirty and self-cleaning according many scientific researches. In physical and chemical terms, the lotus leaf surfaces are oleophobic and hydrophobic because of their special nano-material structure.

Microcosmic nano-structure of lotus leaf
Self-Cleaning Plate Surface Non Self-Cleaning Plate Surface

Changzhou Changsong Metal Composite Material Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of self cleaning coated steel sheet in China. Besides this sheet, we still provide galvanized steel coil, anti-static coated sheet, pre-coated writing board, VCM sheet, refrigeration storage sheet, solar heater sheet, etc. We have built up cooperative relationships with many famous international companies, like Nippon of Japan, KCC of Korea, Valspar of U.S. and such. If you need self cleaning coated steel sheet, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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